You’ve had portable crates before. You fold them up and carry them to trials and classes. They are quite handy! So why would you want a pop-up tent for your dog instead of (or in addition to) a portable crate?

We like the Umbra UPet Portable Pop-Up Tent for many reasons:

  • It fits in a smaller space than regular crates. It can even go in a suitcase if needed!
  • There’s more floor space than in an average crate. There’s room for more than one dog or for dogs that prefer lying on their sides.
  • It packs up into a “folding chair” sized bag with a convenient strap.
  • It is easier to set up and take down than a crate. It literally takes just seconds!
  • It can be tied down in the car for use while driving. While it’s not a crash tested crate, it still provides some protection and keeps your dog from becoming a projectile in an accident.
  • The removable fly protects against sun or rain.

We are really happy with the quality and convenience of the Umbra UPet Portable Pop-Up Tent. Learn more or purchase at!