See all these lovely canine faces?

They all have something in common. Can you guess what it is?

It has something to do with Clean Run magazine’s September issue. Here’s the table of contents, maybe that will help you guess:


Give up?

These dogs have a few things in common. All are owned by the people who bring Clean Run magazine to you every month. The first column starts with Chihuahua Chase (Associate Managing Editor/Writer Brenna Fender’s), and includes Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bodie (Clean Run owner/Managing Editor Monica Percival’s), Terrier mix Dot (Monica’s) and Australian Shepherds Rocky and Echo (Designer Marcy Rauch’s). The next column is topped by another Aussie, BB (Marcy’s) and then  Portuguese Podengo Pequenos Fada, Daz, and Bob (Associate Editor Lisa Baird’s) . The third column shows Papillon Spark and Beagle Wrigley (Brenna’s) and Shetland Sheepdog Chloe (Associate Editor Kathy Mocharnuk’s).

Monica, Brenna, Lisa, Marcy, and Kathy are the only staff at the magazine, and they all own these dogs as well as others that are not-pictured. But what else do these dogs have in common?

They aren’t Border Collies.

At Clean Run magazine, we are sometimes questioned about the number of Border Collies used in photos in the magazine and Brenna addresses that concern in the September editorial: It’s Not About the Clubs, the Racket, or the Breed. Some of these sweet dogs are pictured in that editorial, showing readers how much the magazine staff loves and appreciates dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes.

We are also animal lovers in general too. Most of us have non-canine critters at home, including cats, fish, rabbits, frogs, and, well, one of these:

DSC01098 “Hi there!”

Maybe we’ll talk about them in another editorial 🙂

Take a sneak peek at the September 2016 issue of Clean Run magazine!