Designed by an agility trainer, these 6-pole sets of weave poles can be adjusted to be 2x2s, offset channel poles, or a line of straight poles. The supporting feet on the base rotate 360 degrees and the base is hinged in sections so that you can angle the base to the shape you want to begin training with, and then gradually straighten the base them until the dog is weaving a straight line of poles. You can add another set so that you have 12 poles to train with.


These weave poles have a flat, blue fiberglass base and the poles are positioned 24” apart, measured center to center. The poles are made from thin-wall Schedule 40 1″ PVC. They are 35-1/2″ high and have the same outside diameter as competition poles (1-1/8″). There is no tape or striping on the poles. If you wish to add a contrasting color strip, the Clip and Go Jump Bar Stickers work perfectly as they are designed for jump bars which are the same diameter as these poles.

The Handler’s Choice Training Weave Poles are great for training as they are lightweight (only 6.35 pounds!) and easy to set up or break down so that you can work on your novice dog’s weaving skills anywhere. They have received excellent reviews over the past few years in Canada and recently became available in the USA.


While they will work for dogs of all sizes, they are not intended for use with fast, hard-driving dogs

The poles come in sets of 6 poles with the adjustable base, a zippered carry case, and 6 grass stakes for use outdoors. There’s a bit of a sale going on now if you buy two or more sets, plus a deal on shipping 🙂

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