Eight members of the dog agility community lost their homes and their personal belongings in the Baton Rouge floods. A group of agility competitors from neighboring communities, calling themselves The Dog Pack, have been spending their days involved in the recovery effort. (See some of their work here.)


Workers took a moment for fun and painted the nails of their work gloves after finding a bottle of polish in the rubbish.

On September 23-25, the same weekend as an AKC trial in Baton Rouge, the agility community all over North America is coming together to raise funds to further help this cause. Competitors involved are planning to donate the cash equivalent of the entry fee for one run (#JustOneRun) to participating trial secretaries or directly to the fundraiser coordinator. Funds will be used to purchase gift cards for home and building supplies and will be distributed to the Baton Rouge 8.

After donating, competitors will head to social media to show their support by posting videos of their “donated run” (or a video from class or a run from a seminar) on social media with the hashtags #JustOneRun and #RunForBatonRouge.

Any competitor or other interested party can donate the cost of a run on any weekend, a portion of fees paid to a seminar, the equivalent of a trip to Starbucks, or any other amount by sending a donation via paypal at justonerunforbr@gmail.com. For more information or to send a check, email justonerunforbr@gmail.com or contact Tracy Sklenar on Facebook.