The RedLine K-9 Puppy Flirt Pole is so versatile! It offers both training opportunities and the chance to help your dog get in better shape!

This “flirt pole” is designed for dog/human interaction so that you can stimulate and build prey drive in your puppy or small dog—it’s also great exercise and a game you can play indoors if the weather is bad.

The flexible pole is 24″ long with a rubber handle so that it’s easy for you to hold on to and control, and the solid braid rope is .25″ diameter and 40″ long.

You can attach any toy with a handle (such as Bestie’s Bunny Squeaker Tug or the Fleecy Fluffy Braided Tug), a favorite plush toy, a ball with a hole in it, and lots more!

Check it out! Wanna see how it works? CLICK HERE NOW (bonus – you get to see a cute Chihuahua* using it)!


*The author may be biased since it is her Chihuahua.