In the wake of many other organizations announcing the elimination of the chute in competition, CPE has announced major changes in its equipment list.

The chute was already an optional obstacle in CPE but effective September 1, 2016, it has been eliminated. For trials happening in the next few weekends, any chute in the course design will be replaced with a tunnel, spread jump, or single bar jumps. For trials occurring after September 15, course designs will be revised.

In addition, CPE has also eliminated the tire, stating safety issues even when using the breakaway tire. In addition, the triple jump has been removed from Standard and Jumpers classes, again for safety reasons. It may still be used in other classes but it must be an optional obstacle, meaning that a dog can still qualify if the handler makes the choice to do a course that doesn’t include the triple.

Will these changes affect the number of people who compete in CPE? What do you think?