A UKC representative shared the following regarding the use of the chute in United Kennel Club agility trials:

“It is unfortunate that dogs have been injured on this obstacle while participating in agility, however the UKC does not intend to suspend the use of the chute at this time. We will address the safety of this obstacle along with the regularly scheduled agility revisions for 2017. Dogs are vulnerable to injury on any agility obstacle. Potential accidents or injuries involving the chute are equal to any of the other obstacles on a UKC agility course. The UKC course times, judging philosophy, and course requirements are designed to minimize these risks for all dogs participating.

UKC has some of the safest course requirements, slowest course times and requires an element of precision in performance which aids in controlling the dog. International agility organizations and AKC have tailored their agility competitions to lightning fast performances from the dogs navigating these obstacles with a much smaller emphasis on control or precision. They also have vastly different requirements in course design. All these things aid in how dogs become injured during these activities or on individual obstacles. As mentioned however, we will be reviewing this obstacle along with the other regularly scheduled revisions.”