New from Clean Run – a training DVD by Dudley Shumate Fontaine called “Growing Up Tasty: Spice Up Your Training”!

Tasty Kake (a Rat Terrier/JRT/BC cross) is Dudley’s new pup. Follow their adventures as they build important every day skills about how to be a good dog and member of the canine household, as well as specific skills for agility.

But this DVD is not just about what to train, it’s about how to train and interact with your pup. No matter what your aspirations in agility, developing a strong bond and fluency of communication is so important—if you and your dog understand each other well, not only can you do anything you tackle, you can really enjoy doing it!

This DVD includes 22 training sessions with Tasty that occurred between the ages of 10 weeks and five months. The sessions are three to five minutes in length so the content is realistic to replicate with your own dog.

Dudley’s love and enthusiasm for training is truly contagious! Check it out!