Hi, I’m Brenna Fender, Associate Managing Editor for Clean Run Magazine, among other things.

If you follow Clean Run on Facebook, you’ve been seeing a lot of me on your screen lately talking to you about Clean Run’s 12 Days of Deals. But I have something else to talk to you about and I just want to do it without a lot of flash and fancy stuff like I use in the videos.  Just a little conversation.

It’s time for you to subscribe to Clean Run magazine.

If you are already a subscriber, then that is awesome, we thank you TONS! We are grateful for your support. But if not, I want to share with you that if you subscribe before the end of the day December 12th, your subscription will start with the January issue, and that’s important because at the start of the year we are starting off a lot of new series. We are also changing up some things while still keeping all the stuff people love.

Clean Run is not just your average magazine. General interest magazines are designed to get more eyes on the pages to sell more advertising. Anything goes. But Clean Run magazine is run BY people who have a rich history in agility FOR people who love the sport. We care about getting new and interesting things on our pages and into your brains. We care about providing you with good quality information that helps you train, trial, and care for your agility athletes.  There aren’t a lot of advertising opportunities in an agility magazine, not like in, say, Good Housekeeping, so we rely on subscribers to keep us going.

So, what’s happening in the January issue (and the rest of 2017) that’s so great?

Kathy Keats has several amazing articles coming up in 2017, starting in January with “Create more Time on Course,” an article about creating more time to react on course by learning how to be efficient with your focus. It’s a fascinating education in the art of focusing on the right thing at the right time while you are running your dog. Kathy Keats specializes in the mental game, developing training cycles, and major event preparation so you know her upcoming articles are going to include information you need to have in order to up your agility game.

Veterinarians from the Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine group will again be sharing their expertise with Clean Run readers in 2017. Their January article is on a topic that affects all agility competitors: “Foot and Pad Care for the Agility Dog.” The article discusses prevention of injury, including regular care and tips on what to look for when on challenging surfaces that can cause foot problems. They also address recognizing and treating some foot and pad injuries. Very helpful stuff!

We’ve heard your requests for information on up and coming dogs and we deliver in 2017 with Nancy Gye’s “Power Paws” series in which looks at the “Trials and Tribulations of a Novice Dog.” Nancy plans to write about what is going right and wrong, and how she and her husband Jim are working with their young dogs to create a nice working relationship both inside and outside the agility ring. In a similar vein, Jo Sermon begins her series on returning to agility training with a new puppy.

Also in January, Lynne Stephens looks at why framework is a better word for agility basics than foundation, and Sandy Rogers continues her “Novice and Beyond” series with a look at handling choices.

Plus, Dudley Fontaine shares the recipe for a healthy, gluten-free granola snack for use at agility trials.

And there’s so much more coming, including fun theme courses by David Bozak, a new series called “Courses for a Small World,” a continuation of Mary Ellen Barry’s “As the World Turns” series,  more from Laura Hartwick, more drills, more training articles, an more, more, more!

And it all starts in the January issue.

So don’t miss out! Subscribe before the end of the day on December 12th. Go to cleanrun.com to subscribe or renew now!

Thank you for listening!