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cr23_02_cover_4brennaPublished by agility competitors, Clean Run magazine has been keeping dog agility handlers and instructors informed about our sport and ways to improve our training and handling since 1995, and remains a trusted training resource for agility enthusiasts everywhere.


Since there aren’t a lot of places for an agility magazine to advertise, we rely on fellow agility enthusiasts and subscribers to help us spread the word. At the end of 2015, we ran a magazine drive that helped us get enough new subscribers that we could continue publishing in 2016. Now we’re asking for your help once again in getting out the word. Keeping a printed magazine going is a difficult enough proposition for a big company with newsstand presence and many resources much less a small niche publication like ours. So please think about telling a friend or two about the magazine, or your students if you’re an instructor.

In 2017 we are bringing back favorites like the Backyard Dogs, The Construction Zone, Sense of Self, and Team Small Dog Agility Humility, but we have many other series and articles running in 2017 that we are really excited about!

*In Trials and Tribulations of a Novice Dog, Nancy Gyes is writing about her and her husband’s trialing and training experiences with their new novice dogs.

*In Themes Like a Good Idea, judge David Bozak shares courses that are designed to fit a particular theme, such as National Hat Day. These are courses that can be set up and run for club events and classes when you want something challenging, but also fun.

*Jo Sermon from the U.K. brings us Training Freedom… Here I Go Again, in which she chronicles training her new agility pup in her busy, multi-dog household.

*In Practical Training, Sandy Rogers continues sharing articles about improving your handling such as how to figure out where you should be putting your crosses.

*After covering all the different OneMind Dogs techniques, Mary Ellen Barry shares sequences for practicing different combinations of the techniques.

While those series started in January, we have new series starting throughout the year as well. For example:

*Amanda Nelson will be starting a series later this year on training specific skills for NADAC.

*After a year of articles about how to train incredible lead-outs, distance handling specialist Kristy Netzer shares how to apply those skills on actual courses in The Lead-Out Advantages.

*Emma Parsons provides help with managing reactive dogs in agility classes and at trials.

*Ann Croft brings back the popular What’s My Line series.

*Fitness specialist Bobbie Lyons looks at strength and conditioning exercises appropriate for our very young dogs in Starting Off on the Right Foot.

We also have more “shorts” (half-page pieces) that we’ll be incorporating into the magazine: training tips that are a bit too long for tip of the month, favorite jumping exercises from different trainers, a couple of useful exercises that a trainer found helpful for their students, and more. These shorts are perfect for the busy handler who just has a few moments to read.

And, we have a number of trainers from outside of agility that will be writing on important behavior and training problems that impact us in our agility training such as stimulus control, human cognition and links with animal learning, variable reinforcement, managing reactive dogs, precision reinforcement with toys, building duration behaviors, and lots more!

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