Welcome to a new level of heat stress prevention for dogs. Designed for comfort and performance, the Turbo Triple-Layer Cooling Mat employs a cooling system which includes:

CoolerDogTurboMatComponents_Big_14154*A gel pad layer that distributes the heat-absorbing power of the ice and provides a comfortable place for the dog.

*A FlexiFreeze® Ice Sheet that contains 88 built-in ice cubes (100% purified U.S.A. water, no chemicals) and absorbs excess heat from the gel pad and the dog while thawing, making it more effective than the gel pad alone.

*A 1/2″ thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation that blocks heat from warming the mat from underneath.

With snaps on three sides, multiple Turbo Cooling Mats can be combined to fit into different spaces to fit a wide variety of locations, and help cool dogs of all sizes.

Durably constructed, the Turbo Cooling Mat can be used indoors or outside and is compatible with most crate sizes. It’s portable for use in cars, SUVs and RVs, at dog trials, and on the go.

And, since we all know that dogs can be messy, the Turbo Cooling Mat was designed to be completely machine washable!

But what about when the ice melts? You can buy extra FlexiFreeze Refreezable Ice Sheets and bring them with you in a cooler. But, even if the ice melts, you still have the gel mat layer which will continue to function as well as any gel mat on the market!

Watch a video about the Cooling Mat here and then get yours here.