Did you know you can integrate play and food into your training sessions by using a toy that holds treats that your dog can access after a job well done?

9863You might have already seen the Lotus ball, a popular treat dispensing toy that your dog rips open to reveal yummy treats inside. Lotus balls come in small and medium sizes and are easy to throw accurately for great reinforcement at a distance. Dogs tend to love “tearing” the lotus ball apart again and again – in fact, some dogs enjoy the tearing part as much or more than eating the treat!

But for dogs who don’t enjoy getting up close and personal with Velcro, enter the Lily and the Fern, two new treat dispensing toys!

Lily4_BigThe Lily has extra “petals” and material at the top so that the dog can start opening the ball before his nose touches any Velcro. The Lily also has 4 petals instead of 3 (like the Lotus Ball) so that is is easy to vary how difficult the toy is to open based on how firmly you attach the Velcro on the 4 petals. Your dog can also pick up the Lily by one of the petals if he prefers rather than putting the whole toy in his mouth.


The Fern looks a lot like the Lily, with a similar body size and four petals. But the Fern has extra long petals to take the fun up yet another notch! You can hold onto on the the petals and move the Fern along the floor to get your dog excited about chasing the toy. And after your dog catches it and rips open the petals for his treat, you can introduce chase and shake and tug games!


Trainers around the country have come up with some very innovative ideas for using jackpot toys to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more. Check out Lotus Balls, the Lily, and the Fern on cleanrun.com!