Canid Performance V2 Soft Dog Treats are now available in CHEESEBURGER FLAVOR!

CanidSoftCheeseburgerClose_Big_14634Canid Dog Treats are handmade to order for guaranteed freshness. Their motto is “Treat Responsibly,” and they use only fresh, natural ingredients. They are a family-run business and sell their treats primarily at dog shows to trainers and handlers.

We have one word for these treats—awesome! They are super moist, and they smell exactly like what they are. The dogs love the variety and uniqueness of the flavors. The treats are approximately 5/8″ squares, but the size does vary since they are handmade rather than spit out of a machine. They are easy to break in smaller pieces if you desire.

Made in the USA.

Also available in Deep Dish, Fish Tacos, Pacific Cod, PB & Jam, and Pumpkin Pie! YUM!