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E-Book_HowToTrainLegendaryLOs_BigHow to Train Legendary Lead-Outs

Whether you are an athletic handler, a slow handler, or a physically challenged handler, long lead-outs can help your dog have a speedy and accurate start on many courses and help keep you ahead of your dog. In this book, Kristy Netzer (author of the “Dial Up the Distance” DVD) shows you how she teaches her dogs to do phenomenal lead-outs as part of her distance training program.

Slip or Clip Fleece Tug LeashSlipOrClipFleecePurple-Turq_Big

Just clip or slip! These dual leads convert easily from a snap lead to a slip lead, allowing you to take your dog into the agility ring on a snap lead and take him out on a slip lead rather than trying to put on his collar or harness at the end of the run. This is a great leash for tugging or for those that want a leash/sliplead that is super gentle on your hands.

HowToBeAConceptTrainer_BigHow To Be a Concept Trainer

Frustration, over-excitement, fear, and anxiety are barriers to your dog’s learning, and can also harm your relationship with your dog. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this new book, vet and behaviorist Tom Mitchell reveals his novel approach to training—and it’s all about playing games!

TasmansPrairieCrunchBisonBerry_Big_14954Tasman’s Bison TreatsTasmansPrairieCrunchBisonVeggie_Big_14956

Tasman’s Prairie Crunch treats contain only antibiotic-free, grass-fed American Buffalo and a mix of U.S. sourced berries or vegetables. Available in Bison & Berry and Bison & Veggie. Yum!

OneMind Dog Bungee Tugs OMDTugPinkBallSM_BigOMDTugBlueBallLG_Big

Available in 2 sizes, these tugs are designed for ball-loving dogs who also like to tug! These toys have a colorful, faux fur handle with a high-quality, non-pilling fleece padded loop for your comfort. Attached to the handle is an Orbee Ball that your dog will love to grab onto and chomp (it’s hollow inside so it’s really flexible). Easy to toss, easy to find. Fun!

Sadie’s USA Bison Flexor TendonsSadiesBisonFlexorTendons_Big

Sadie’s All Natural dog treats are made from free-range, grass-fed American Bison that are raised in Colorado with no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. Sadie’s USA Bison Flexor Tendons come in a 4-pack so they quadruple the goodness!

JonesChickenFeet_BigJones Chicken Feet – Nails Removed  and Jones Duck Feet – NailsJonesDuckFeet_Big Removed

Jones Duck Feet and Chicken Feet are high in protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin and the nails have been removed! These fully digestible, dehydrated, crunchy chews are an enjoyable chew for your dog and help promote clean teeth and healthy gums. No additives or preservatives, and the ducks and chickens used for this product are bred, born, raised, and processed in the USA. With six generations of expertise in the meat industry, Jones Natural Chews takes pride in the consistency and quality of their natural, healthy dog treats and chews made from animal products supplied by USDA-inspected plants in the USA.

HighCalorieGel_BigHigh Calorie Gel

Formerly sold as Energel, Pet Ag’s High Calorie Gel provides dogs 8 weeks and older with extra calories without feeding them extra food that could upset their tummies. This easy-to-feed gel formula has a palatable chicken flavor that dogs enjoy. The formula contains digestible vegetable fats to provide and maintain energy.

High Calorie Gel is perfect for dogs with increased caloric needs such as pregnant or nursing moms, sporting dogs, or dogs recovering from surgeries and illnesses. It’s also useful for older dogs that are being picky eaters.

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