Backyard Dogs has long been a favorite series in CLEAN RUN magazine for providing readers with new training exercises every month. Since so many agility people have a limited amount of space, equipment, and time we’ve come up with three new series we think you’ll find just as useful as Backyard Dogs for training.

25% Solution for Fine Tuning Teamwork

What if you can’t train on full-size courses because you only have space for 25% of a course? When there’s inclement weather, instructor John Reid runs his classes in a 60′ x 40′ area, so he has to come up with suitable challenges for his students who are competing. He shares exercises that focus on sharpening different skills each month.

Super Sets

What do you call a training setup that you can use for your youngsters, your experienced pups, your friends, and even your students? It’s a super set! Dudley Shumate knows that time is a valuable commodity, so her goal is to share course setups that provide loads of puzzles for all levels of learning within a single 60′ x 80′ course setup.

Plan for Action

In this series, Mia Grant helps you plan training sessions for your competition dog with the goal of improving specific skills over the course of a month. No more mindless repetitions or “making it up on the fly,” Mia will show you how she decides what to train each month so you can do it too! Most of the setups use a minimal amount of equipment and fit in a 40′ x 50′ area, but she also provides examples of where you can modify the setup if you’re lucky enough to have more space.

Each issue of CLEAN RUN magazine contains more than enough drills and training setups to keep your agility team busy until the next issue arrives!

BONUS: Since most of us have to fit a lot of stuff in our cars to go to trials, we’ve added a fun new series called Ultimate Dog Vehicle Setups where people share how they’ve tricked out their dog mobiles to fit in their crates and gear!

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01-17-Build it2

Need to make some equipment to use while completing the exercises in this series? To get you started, we would like to give you a PDF file with plans we have published in CLEAN RUN magazine for making a number PVC obstacles.

If you need supplies, we have a wide range of PVC parts in the agility equipment section of our website.