Clean Run magazine steps off the page with this exciting new offering!

Backyard Dogs is the longest running and most popular column in Clean Run magazine. It was developed to help handlers with limited training space and equipment who wanted specific sequences to work on. Each month the magazine shares courses that fit in a 40 ft. by 50 ft. training space. The courses are presented in order of difficulty, starting with sequences that are appropriate for novices and graduating in difficulty up to Masters level so you can train multiple dogs at different levels without moving equipment around.

As the next step in the evolution of the magazine, we’re bringing the pages to life with Backyard Dogs Live!

Episode #1 features Dudley Shumate and focuses on drills that combine discriminations and weave pole skills. You’ll get to watch Dudley as she works her own dogs, a mini dog and a big-striding dog, on three of the exercises. These are NOT demos; they are unrehearsed training sessions. Real life, real training! You’ll see her solving the same problems that many dogs may encounter in these drills, plus she provides a wrap-up session with general problem-solving advice. You’ll also get plans for additional drills (using the same setup) to work on your own.

Backyard Dogs articles involve a limited set of equipment. The most you need is 6 jumps, a tunnel, a table, and a set of 6 weave poles. Your equipment doesn’t have to be fancy! You can use any raised platform for a table and your jumps can be a mixture of winged and non-winged. A children’s play tunnel will do for your tunnel, just don’t leave it outside!

You can buy the first episode for $14.99. We think you’ll enjoy the show, and we look forward to your feedback!

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