The Dog Agility Hurdle or Cavaletti Set is a versatile set that serves as cavalettis or as small jumps for training. The set comes with two hurdles. Each agility hurdle cone is 18″ tall and has 5 hole placements for different jump heights.


The pole can be set at 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″, or 15″ depending on the training application and size of the dog. You can also lay the cones on the ground so that the poles are raised just slightly.


Use a lower height (half of your dog’s hock height) for cavaletti work, which is excellent for strengthening your dog’s hind limbs, forelimbs, and core muscles. Cavaletti work also helps improve body awareness (proprioception), lengthens gait, and teaches collected balance. Besides getting stronger, the dog learns to use all four of his legs in an efficient and coordinated manner, which helps with the dog’s footwork in all facets of agility. You need a minimum of 6 cavalettis for training and you can use up to 12 (even numbers only).

CavalettisCurved_Big_16169You can even lay the poles on their sides for a lower cavaletti height.

We have included higher heights on these hurdle cones than are suitable for cavaletti so that the cones can be used to make training jumps for the backyard.

So many uses for such a simple agility training tool!

Want to get just the cones?

Need just the 36″ poles?

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